Hackito Ergo Sum 2022 CFP – HES 2022

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Call For Papers

It’s 2022 and we’re back on the spot for a new year of hack and fun!

Hackito will happen this year on September 2022*, in Paris (France). We will host it onsite and remotely, and if COVID hits us again hard we will keep the full remote event anyway.

During the two days of HES, research conferences, workshops, panels, debates, AND PARTIES will aim to share, mix, and determine the future of security & hacking.

–[ Content of the Research Track:

We are expecting submissions in English only. The format will be a 45 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Q&A.

Talks will be available online for the registered participants, and recorded for availability to them after the event. There will be no difference between remote participation and onsite.

Speakers will be encouraged to come to Paris, but if an awesome presentation is possible but only remote, we keep this choice open. That means that some speakers may be presenting from remote.

We are also allocating slots for lightning talks (15 min) at the end of the day for onsite adhoc sessions.

Please note that talks whose content will be judged too commercial or biased toward a given vendor will be rejected. No commercial speech will be allowed.

We will also consider new and first time presenters, so that anyone can get his/her foot in the door. Don’t be shy, just say “It’s one of my first conf submission”, and we’ll be kind. We’ll be having rehearsal before the conference anyway.

For the research track, preference will be given to offensive, innovative, and highly technical proposals.

As a suggestion, we would love to see things about:

* Reverse engineering and hostile / invasive analyses
* Hardware-assisted computing security architectures & solution: CHERI, Secure Enclaves, Trusted Execution
* Container security: Secure computing into containers, auditing containers, breaching containers
* Supply Chain Security & Risk Management: upstream compromise, dependency chain
* Post-Quantum cryptography and Cryptography security management: PQC,
* Crypto Currencies and Blockchain security: Solidity security, infrastructure breaks, wallet hacking
* CPU / NPU / MPU & processors security, fails, DoS, reverse and compromise, microcode
* Fuzzing & fault injection
* Security problems that affects billions of people and silly-petascale
* Operational Technology (OT vs IT) network technologies, security and penetration
* Security Development LifeCycle
* Metaverse hacking, VR hijacks, CGI-induced hallucinations
* Innovative DevOps and DevSecOps
* 5G radio, core, slicing and signaling abuses and/or real life hacks
* New methods to detect software bugs (source or binary based)
* Kernel, ring-1, -2 and -3 exploits

Stun the community !

We highly encourage any other presentation topic, especially the one we may not imagine.

If you want to share skills on a specific subject during a workshop, feel free to contact us.

–[ Code of conduct: WTF, we need this?

We accept anyone to participate at the conference regardless of their nationality, color, gender, weight, or what the f***. You can be Ukrainian, Russian, North Korean, Martian or even French ! 😉 and you’ll be welcome. You are a person, you’re not your company, you’re not your country leader. As such, we ask people to be respectful and humane and to value freedom and openness. We won’t accept corporate or political propaganda. We won’t accept trolls, bullies, moral police or people who create problems or try to monopolize attention. We’re totally LGBTAFQTPRN2+* (this is not a regexp) friendly.

–[ Reimbursement

Speaker travel costs are covered up to 1000 USD and hotel room for 3 nights will be paid by the conference.

Your company can be sponsor by covering up your travel & hosting expenses. Sometime it’s easier for companies to cover these expenses, than to sponsor directly.

–[ Submissions:

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  • Until when ?

You can submit your paper until 15th August 2022. *: Dates can be changed according to new COVID rules or other international events…